julho 29, 2013

Goodreds Story

Mama always looked at us as if we were suspects of some murder in those icy mornings of December. Although the stony beach was right beyond our feet she wouldn’t let us run into the sand and take a walk for a change. French beaches were different. I was the daughter of Madame Claire and still I had never seen the beach. I had never seen those cold waters that could ruffle the hottest days of summer.
We did it anyway. We broke the rules and went on in circles, with our arms wide open singing to the wind and feeling the silky sand embracing our toes.
I almost cried of happiness. It was a strange feeling that Mama Claire would never understand. She was always saying that it was unsafe, harmful and venturesome. We liked adventures. I was the only daughter, so I looked at the sky and started pointing at the creamy clouds. They were almost like a dazzling pink that was stolen from a beautiful medieval dress.
My brothers were there in the distance of a wave that dragged them to the end of the sand line. I couldn’t breathe with the strong smell. It was a zesty maritime fragrance that burned the skin with pleasure. That was freedom. That was something infinite and tasty. It came to my mind those incredibly refreshing cones of strawberry ice cream that we used to buy in the village.
As the wind would come and go, my eyes started trembling and I couldn’t help crying. I felt like a child sobbing endlessly as if it that moment could disappear forever and I would be back to the house. To the disturbing presence of my mother.
As I looked to my right side I watched them running and playing around in the rocks, dragging their fingers and writing words of wonder in the yummy land.
I waved them and got closer and closer to the fresh waters. Some music was playing in my ears. I didn’t know which one was. It was a soft sound of a piano. Some I had listened a really long time ago. I felt sad. The melancholy took hold of me and I felt a lonesome on earth. I was no longer the same person. I wasn’t a child anymore. My hair had grown up and my body was changing.
I was a fearless lady dancing in the moonlight.

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