abril 22, 2010

I still do everyhting with all my heart

Like Stacy said there are a few people that have a purpose in life. A really good one. Those people have goals.They are all methodic. I don’t. I don’t even know the meaning of the truth. I spend all my time imagining and criating this little spaces between my brain and my mind. Places where I can run everywhere. I can sleep in the floor and join the sunset without worring about the rest of the world. Places where the wind blows in a rush and carries the smell of cherries. Places where we can write a thousand books and read them to the nowhere.

I wish that kind of world could be as real as the existence of war. It is irrational the way people think about they own lives. I can’t think about mine. It is not so obvious that I can find this one life goal and put it in practise. It is not so simple. ” Maybe some secrets should just stay secret” right? Right.

I don’t have to know everything. Intelligence and talent don’t have their own simple answers. We are born to do something which some people know since the beggining. I don’t know it since then. I think I just found it now. Not too late, not too soon.

Sometimes it hurts so much that I still do everything with all my heart. It hurts and I just can’t find the answers that I need.

Maybe God could give me a hand.

Maybe not.

” I believe we write our own stories and each time we think we know the end… we don’t.”

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  1. Que vida seria esta se não tivesses propósitos? Que pessoas seriamos nós se não arriscássemos viver?

    Nem sempre somos melhores com os melhores, mas piores não ficamos. E a pensar que nem sempre boas respostas comportam boas perguntas...

    La está maybe yes...maybe not!